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Efficient mechanism to find the difference between two look alike GUI applications. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199911D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-21
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Many times it's very difficult to find out if there are any changes between two application screen/window ( one screen from previous build of the product and the other one from the latest build). The application screen might be looking very similar that by looking at this we cannot find the difference, because the controls in the application screen might be changed either it's properties or the hiearchy. Currently there is no way to find out changes in control's property or hiearchy. Currently image comparision is the only way to find out if there are any changes between two applicaiton screen. The drawback of such solution is that it only detects the changes in appearence of the image. Also it may not be resilent to screen size and resolution. What if the internal property or hiearchy of the controls inside the image itself is changed or an new hidden control is added.

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Efficient mechanism to find the difference between two look alike GUI applications .

The control properties and state can be efficiently compared using error detecting codes. The error code can be found on the String values of all the properties for this control and can be used for comparison. For example, for a control like button that has the text "Hello World" in it, the error detecting code like CRC32 on the String "

java.awt.ButtonHelloWorld1" can be usefull to compare similar buttons in the same

hierarchy. This is as such an efficient Hierarchial image comparison of Gui Applications.

For example..

Consider the two snapshots.. By image comparsion, they will surely fail but with above said approach both the applications are similar.

The infomation pertaining to the first snapshot will be stored in a xml format like

The information like the properties for the MemberLogon Frame will be stored in a hash as shown ..

The Error code will also be stored along with the properties like

For the subsequent GUI application screen , the Error Code of the control in the tree hierarchy is compared rather than the bit wise image comparison .

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