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Efficient system or method to track the data independent of the context . Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199923D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-21
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Knowledge is the determined by the capability to learn and remember data. In today's world where amount of data is huge it would be very tough to remember everything. We tend to forget things and mostly the source of data, which is the most important, as well from where we grasp them. We keep scratching our head to exactly figure out the source of information but sometimes it gets too late in this highly competitive world, where the right information is required at the right time. Till date various efforts have been done which includes book-marking the data at the browser client ( Internet Explorer, FireFox etc) and in-built search technique to get the data. However the process is inefficient as it requires manual effort to track the application location (Find the bookmark or find the document in operating system) and then search the data in those documents and result will contain some absurd data as well. The proposed invention addresses the same problem by storing the marked data by user with application binaries and document information to provide context independecy.

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Efficient system or method to track the data independent of the context .

Brief description of invention :-

The invention provides an efficient mechanism to the user for data storage and retrieval independent of the applications. The invention claims the following points:-
1. Our invention claims a real time search for the data and launching the application. the search is simultaneously made though interface and display the results once the keywords are entered by the user.
2. The claim is to find the document location automatically and open the document. The path automatically gets updated in database if the document is moved from one location to another.
3. The claim also includes to find the highlighted data by crawling to the specific page.
4. The claim is to find the highlighted data through the interface in centralized storage independent of the application.
5. The claim is to provide interfaces to the applications which connects to the centralized database.
6. Data search is made independent of the application where the user is searching for the data.

How invention works:-

The information can be stored by selecting the data and then adding it to the storage . When the user selects and adds the data, it will be stored in the centralized storage location along other details such as application used by the stored data ( notepad.exe in case of notepad, Firefox.exe in case of website data), document location, document page number etc. To access the data from the storage user requires a interface to interact with the storage. Whenever the user wants to access the required data, user invokes the interface, which can be connected to the storage, and type the keyword . The interface now will search the keyword at the centralized storage and will display the result. The user clicks the appropriate data which will open the data using the required application and crawl to the specified data by highlighting it. Accessing the data is very efficient as neither the search of the document nor the search for data in document is required. The problem with search on windows file system and search on browser bookmarks have been removed by focusing the search on data of importance,

The invention can best be explained using the example below:- One day while developing the software John was in need of an important concept of the programming language...