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Activation of a Display Screen Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199964D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-22
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Activation of a Display Screen

A method and arrangement for a rapid activation of a display screen connected to a camera installed in the rear area of a vehicle is provided.

In order for the function to be percieved as usable, a fast activation of the screen is of high importance. A complete activation of prior art rear camera display screens often takes long time, sometimes more than five seconds. Therefore, it is an object of the invention to provide a rapid activation of a display screen connected to a camera installed in the rear area of a vehicle. The display screen is not visible during a normal driving situation in order to maximize the visible field for the driver.

According to a first embodiment of the invention, the display screen is placed in the upper area of the cabin, see figure 1. For instance, the display screen can be built into the shelves so that when activated, it is rotated from a generally horizontal position to a generally vertical position. Consequently, the driver is then able to see both the rear-view mirrors and the display screen in a relatively small field of vision.

A possible activation sequence for the first embodiment can be described as follows. When the gear shift lever is put into the reverse gear position, a signal is transmitted to an electromagnetic connection (a) which is demagnetized and the display screen
(b) is rotated by means of the gravity force around an axis (c). In order to extend the lifetime and to stabilize the display screen in its end-position, an electric motor (d) is arranged to slow down the movement in the range of the last five degrees of the rotation. When the gear shift level is put into one o...