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Method and System for Providing Integrated Human Resource Based Solutions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199972D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-22
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A method and system for providing an integrated Human Resource (HR) based solution is disclosed. The method and system enables an integrated HR solution which requires low cost, risk, and time in implementation.

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Method and System for Providing Integrated Human Resource Based Solutions

Disclosed is a method and system of providing an integrated Human Resource (HR) based solution. The method and system involves integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) based systems with 'best of breed' product suppliers and HR portals. This is accomplished by standardizing interactions, interfaces, and operations among ERP systems, product suppliers and HR portals. The standardization is achieved by implementing the following features among these parties:

Back-to-back agreements are implemented among different parties while


maintaining security, data privacy, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Principles/protocols to be followed among the parties are framed.


Process maps aligned with already managed services are provided to the



Required information, such as data flows, detailed data maps and data standards


are provided along with an integrated data model.

Functional and technical specifications for blueprints, test scripts, interface


recovery process, and transition checklists are provided.

Known constraints to configuration are also provided.


Based on these features, a standardized connection between the ERP systems, the product suppliers, and the HR portal is achieved. Further, a standardized process and a technique used for exchanging data among these parties are agreed upon.

Consider an example of a customer having an ERP system as a HR information platform and the customer wishes to connect 'best of breed' solutio...