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Smart mechanism to find out person to communicate with on a foreign land Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199986D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-23
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This article discloses a smart mechanism to find out a person to communicate with on a foreign land

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Smart mechanism to find out person to communicate with on a foreign land

As the world is shrinking,

                 eople prefer travel to different parts of the world for business, holidays ( vacations ) and other reasons. Being a human and going by the natural instinct, one always prefers to talk to a person in a native language that gives him/her a feeling of homeland or a common language that is understood by both. When one travels to a different region or country, quite often one finds him/herself in an awkward situation wherein it's difficult to figure out who is speaking the language one speaks or is at least comfortable with.

For example, when a person travels to a different country and reaches a crowded place where 10 guys are standing around and he/she wants to ask for a certain landmark. Instinctively, one would go the first guy and talk to him in English (English being a common/wide spread language) and there's high probability that the other guy doesn't necessarily understand the English language. One then proceeds to the next guy and talks to him in English and might encounter similar experiences. This adds to the frustration. Also, sometimes the person approached may not respond in a positive manner and might get angry or annoyed.

Also, certain emergency situations might also need to find out the appropriate person who knows the language. Such as,
- The firemen or the police might need someone who speaks Chinese and English to translate questions to a witness
- The paramedics might need to find a blood donor for a victim of a disaster

Article proposes to

help from the person (

This approach has several advantages i.e. Get the answer and information what one is expecting without much...