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MACal (Maintenance Calculator) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199998D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-23
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Disclosed is a system for automating the pricing of maintenance contracts .The pricing of such contracts become tedious,time consuming and error prone because of gamut of items involved (effort,spares,software upgrades) coupled with varied SLA's (Service Level Agreements) requirements of the customer. The below system has been designed to provide total flexibility to the user in terms of providing the ability to do pricing for the entire gamut of the items involved in any MA Transaction along with the options to change the SLA's and calculate the respective price without any manual intervention.

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MACal (Maintenance Calculator)

What is the Problem Solved

MACal is a macro driven Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to automate Maintenance pricing. The corner stone of the very idea is to provide a low cost / low maintenance solution for automation of maintenance pricing which can handle the various business scenarios / complications.

Each request from the customer comes to the MA (maintenance) Sales Representative who has to invest significant amount of time (minimum of 1-1.5 hours) to create a cost case which is then sent to pricing. As this is a completely manual exercise its time consuming and error prone. These sultry errors sometimes prove versy costly for the business.


This spreadsheet has been developed for the MA Sales & MA Pricing ommunity. who have a requirement to create cost cases for probable sales opportunities for selling HW Maintenance day in and day out.

Existing Solutions

These are simple excel files with maybe some formulas and inter linkages.

There's lot of manual intervention required which is time consuming and usually grossly inaccurate. These are a risk to the control posture of the business process. And hence MACal has been developed as a solution to mitigate these business risks and also to keep the COST of maintenance low. It has a extremely user friendly BUTTON DRIVEN interface with very minimal manual intervention - only for user inputs.

Core Idea

This spreadsheet has been designed to be a one stop shop for IBM Maintenance Pricing requirements. And to do that really fast and with high levels of accuracy. Some of the core features of the tool are as below
1 Automated data input (from a CSV (comma separated values) file) for Maintenance Pricing
2 Other product information required for pricing can be collated and fed into multiple MASTER sheets which are looked up while computation.

Sheet name Contains

MASTER Warranty SLA details for IBM NonX HW Servicepac Master Prices and costs for preapproved warranty upgrades

          MAPac Master Prices and cost for preapproved maintenance upgrade post maintenance

Band Rates Master Hourly rates for effort costing

Onsite SSMA Master Prices and cost for software upgrade installation services at the customer site.


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     Pricing can be done for all the above different revenue channels.
3 Country Specific pricing information (like inflation rate, USD (United States Dollar) Exchange Rate, Uplifts for upgrading the SLA's) can be fed into the Country Data Sheet.
4 Ability to do effort & spares costing.
5 Ability to include non standard terms & conditions like Penalty & Bank Guarantee into the cost cases.
6 All the different components canbe consolidated into the CENTRAL "Financials" sheet.

1 Salient Features
b Provides PTI Analysis by Sub Brand
c FINANCIAL SUMMARY (in local currency & USDk) can be obtained with the CLICK of a BUTTON.
d Provides vital/critical bid information handy
2 Effect on Pricing Community - Enhanced Productivity & Control
a S...