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MOI: Method for Organization Improvement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200004D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-23
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MOI is a method for sustainable organisation improvement. The method starts with the discovery of current paint points that an organisation faces. These pain points are analysed and by using a standard organisation reference model, sustainable improvements are defined. After prioritizing the pain points and their associated improvements, a roadmap for the implementation is attained.

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MOI: Method for Organization Improvement

Disclosed is a method for sustainable organisation improvement. MOI, Method for Organisation Improvement, is a structured approach to improve an organisation's operation. The sustainability is reached by using proven organisation reference models in the improvement process.

    An overview of the method is depicted in the Figure. Each step of the method is explained further below.

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1. As-Is Organisation: to method starts with having a model or representation of the current organisation. Is it important to know enough details of the organisation that needs to be improved.

2. Pain Points: the method then continues with the identification of pain points in the (operation of the) organisation. The pain points can be at any level: strategic, tactical and execution. Thinking about negative symptoms visible in the organisation can also help in identifying the pain points. A survey is a very effective and simple technique to use for identification.

3. Root Causes: the next step is a root cause analysis of the identified pain points. It is important to understand the real pain and what is exactly causing this pain. This step gives insight in the organisation's deficiencies.

4. Solution Elements: the method continues with determining solution elements for the pain points. A solution element is an action or activity that can cure the pain, taking into account the characteristics of the current organisation. Determining the solution elements is a crucial step in the method because it is important to know in which direction to look for improvements that require little effort and have little impact on the current organisation.


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The first 4 steps as described above, give a good understanding of the

domain that needs to be improved.

The next 4 steps comprise the solution domain where, in a systematic way, a sustainable improved organisation is designed.

The final 2 steps describe the transition planning to arrive at this desired solution, i.e. the improved organisation.

5. Business Capabilities: the first step in designing the improved organisation, is done by defining so called business capabilities for each pain point. Business capabilities are based on the solution elements determined in step 3. However, instead of focusing on how to cure the pain, business capabilities focus on ho...