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Instant Messaging As A Tool for Server Communication/Configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200010D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-23
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Disclosed is a system and method which facilitates remote communication between a server or hardware machine and a systems administrator. The method utilizes existing instant messaging capabilities and enhances them with natural language tagging and analysis so that the system recognizes and responds to program commands contained in the message.

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Instant Messaging As A Tool for Server Communication /Configuration

Interaction required for gaining systems management information has traditionally been

a one-way path of communication. That is, a system or group of systems either sends

status messages to an administrator or an administrator polls a system for information.

This push/pull type of interaction limits an individual's ability to easily understand and

solve issues that are associated with a computing cluster.

Additionally, the need to gain information, understand problems, and act quickly to

resolve issues in as little time as possible is becoming more and more important to

datacenter administrators. Time to recovery is an area with an opportunity for

improvement for most servers; a clear communication path is key to accomplishing this. The current invention disclosure addresses both of the above issues. It outlines a

technique that provides a more conversational-style communication between users and

systems management software, as well as the ability to remotely hold such

conversations from administrator consoles.

By utilizing instant messaging (IM) services for communication with server firmware or

systems management software, individuals have a reciprocal conversation with

managed systems. Conversations are initiated by either the system management entity

or the administrator and utilize existing or new command structures for gaining

information and performing simple actions.

Although a multitude of embodiments apply to this invention, the basic components are:
1. Systems management software or firmware programmed such that the

software/firmware (SW/FW) application has an interface to an instant messaging

service, either common or uniquely developed for that SW program.
2. A set of alerts and commands created in a natural language style, with

associated degrees of freedom and embedded natural language understanding

(i.e., the ability for the SW program to recognize similar language).
3. A network that connects the systems management application to a remote

console of some type (e.g., PC, server, mobile electronics device)


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Consider the following simple use-case:

John is a datacenter administrator at a small consulting firm. John manages several

servers, including products from different...