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Swiveling Pull-Out Tape for Machine Type and Serial Number Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200056D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-24
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Disclosed is a device for providing systems administrators or hardware customers with improved access to basic hardware information. The invention is a tape with a surface area that is large enough to present the information in a more readable manner than current methods. It is internally mounted on the system and can be pulled out by the administrator from different reading positions.

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Swiveling Pull-Out Tape for Machine Type and Serial Number

The current placement and font of important system information (e.g., M/T, Model, SN) is problematic for many customers. This information is routinely referenced when placing calls to the service center for system support and other system administrative responsibilities.

The method currently used presents the data in an extremely small font size on a sticker usually placed on the front bezel of the system. Often, the customer must use a magnifying glass in order to read the font size; other times it requires stooping with a magnifying class or completely removing the bezel (usually resulting in a broken bezel as they were not designed for frequent removal).

Current hardware devices have a rigid plastic piece that slides back and forth into and out of the server; this is one part of the solution. Additionally, a method is required which provides the administrator visual access to the data from above, below, left, or right.

The disclosed invention is a pull-out tape, mounted internally on the system, that provides an enlarged surface to accommodate a larger, more readable font (see Figure below) and administrator access to the data without having to remove the bezel regardless of the location of the sever. The tape has a differential joint near the back end of the machine. This provides some flexibility to systems administrators as a means of twisting the tape to accommodate their reading position and/or s...