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Advanced Management of files mislocated/deleted Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200061D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-27
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Disclosed is a system to find the file a user is looking for by searching it on all of accessible areas(includes areas at different servers) when it fails to find it at the path specified.

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Advanced Management of files mislocated /deleted

【Tile of the invention】

Advanced Management for the files mislocated/deleted

【Key points of the invention】

Disclosed is a system to search the file a user is looking for by searching it on all of accessible areas when it fails to find it at the path the user specified.

In other words, this invention takes appropriate action for users to resolve mislocation issue and user can access the file smoothly even if the target file has been moved to different location.

As an expanded idea, search for the file at cache directory at other user who previously accessed the file.

【Description of the prior art】

A user can not access the designated file if the file have been relocated but not updated a path to the file in configuration file correctly.

>> Figure 1 : Handling flow with existing technique

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【Problems to be resolved by the invention】

Disclosed is a system searches the file the user is looking for on all of accessible areas even the file is not located at URL specified.

We found the following patent on APTO patent server, but we figure the patent is not similar to our invention.


Method sending automatic request with proxy server

When a client sent a request to a www server, the server may unsatisfied to the client's request.

On the above case, this invention creates request data, sends request data to other www server and sends other request data.

【Related Project / Technical Field】

Web Application, Cloud technology


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【Details of the invention】

Case 1 : Not found the target file on the designated path

This invention searches the target file on accessible directory in the server and pick it up.

If possible, access servers in same network group to search the file as well.

If a server is Samba, the invention searches all of the directories except directories addressed as browseable=no in smb.conf.

Or the invention creates or updates a catalog file of file locations with checking location of all files in directory every a given time.

Case 2 : No...