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Web-based Tool for MVS JCL's Cross References Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200063D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-27
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A program is disclosed that provides an effective way to present relationships among JCL (Job Control Language) objects, and how to collect the required information from JCL libraries and store this information in a relational database. A web-front end is provided to assist with different search options on these objects.

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Web-based Tool for MVS JCL 's Cross References

Background Information

This invention pertains generally to mainframe batch systems. A batch system normally is comprised of a number of

jobs which accomplish specific tasks for a business process. A job contains a number of statements written in Job

Control Language (JCL), which is a means of communicating with the IBM 3090 MVS Operating System. JCL statements provide information that the operating system needs to execute a job. Typically, a JLC job contains a number of JCL procedures, JCL utility libraries, JCL parameter libraries, programs and input/output files. This invention provides an effective way to present relationships among these JCL objects and suggests a method to collect the data directly from mainframe systems and store the information in a relational database. A web-front end then can be provided to assist with performing cross-reference on these objects.

Problem Solved

In a complex batch system, the relationships between JCL objects (JCL jobs, JCL procedures, programs and files) are generally not easy to keep track of. A JCL job can call a number of JCL procedures which then execute a number of programs to process input/output files. A procedure or a program can be called by a number of JCL jobs and a file can be used by a number of programs. In large systems, these relationships can be very complex and not always easy to show. As these objects are tied together, there is always a need to perform cross-reference or impact/influence analysis between these objects. For example, if we need to change a record length of a file we will need to know which programs and JCL/JCL procedures use the file, so that we can change the file definition in these programs and JCL/JCL procedures accordingly.

There already exist some tools that can assist with cross-reference. However the functionality supplied by these tools is incomplete and not user-friendly, especially when dealing with performing cross-reference on files. Some of these tools are Software Configuration Library Management - SCLM®(*), ASG-JCLPREP® (**), etc. In this article ASG-JCLPREP® is referred to as JCLPREP. Normally users end-up searching for information using standard text search in Interactive System Productivity Facility - ISFP® (***) which is very inefficient and takes up lot of system resources.

This invention proposes that JCL objects be considered as relational database entities with defined relationships; thus a database model can be built and the relationships among these objects can be easily worked out using standard Structure Query Language (SQL) statements.

Database Model

The invention suggests that each of these JCL objects be considered as a database entity. These database entities are JCL Job, JCL Procedure, Program and File. In order to simplify the data model, utility and parameter libraries are considered as files. As files can be accessed via program only, we have a typical logical data m...