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Method and System for Electronic Marketing

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200093D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-27
Document File: 2 page(s) / 21K

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A method and system is disclosed for managing information related to various offers, received via electronic communication channels for electronic direct marketing.

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Method and System for Electronic Marketing

Disclosed is a method and system for managing electronic direct marketing. This involves managing information related to various offers for marketing various products or services, received via electronic communication channels. The electronic communication channels may be one of, but is not limited to, a social network, an electronic mail system, and a blog.

In order to manage the information, offer data associated with a marketing material is received from the electronic communication. The system disclosed herein may include an offer acquisition module for receiving the offer data via electronic communication channels such as, a social network, an electronic mail system, and a blog. The offer acquisition module may be plugged into the electronic communication channel to receive the offer data. In a scenario, the offer acquisition module may be plugged into a web browser. In this case, the offer acquisition module parses one or more of, but not limited to, emails, online advertisements, blogs, and instant messages. In an embodiment, a user may be facilitated to highlight the offer using human computer interaction devices such as a mouse. Highlighting or selecting the offer may invoke to store the offer data on a database.

The offer data received from the electronic communication is stored in a consistent format. More specifically, various information associated with the offer data is separately stored in the database. The information may include one or more of, but is not limited to, a company for which the marketing material is offered, an expiration date of the offer, a discount code, a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to corresponding webpage, phone numbers, a detailed description of the offer, and terms & conditions associated with the offer.

The offer data received may be updated whenever a new electronic communication is received which is related to marketing material. The system may include a discount management module for updating the offer data. The offer data may be updated on a predefined interval. Any update in the offer is informed to the user along with the updated information associated with the updated offer. In an embodiment, the offers may be updated whenever an update arrives for the offer and the user is informed accordingly. For example, if a garment store sends a communication regarding a 10% flat discount until May 23 and further a new communication is received from the garment store that the discount offer is extended till May 30, then the expiration date for the offer is automatically updated and sent to the user.

Additionally, the discount management module permits the user to optionally move old offers to a temporary folder to ensure error proof filtering. These old offers may be manually removed by the user.