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Method and system for emails management

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200134D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-30
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The proposed method and system solves latency and management issues of high priority emails, adjusting status and urgency of the already sent emails, as the related urgent duties gets addressed and resolved.

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Method and system for emails management

The scenario which the current disclosure is related to is a typical urgent email thread.

The email originator sends an urgent email to multiple people. This email is associated with an urgent issue has to be addressed as soon as possible and resolved. The email thread evolves in some way, having some of the involved people reply to the original mail, forward it to other people and so on.

Since everyone has a time latency in joining the thread due to meetings, vacations, illness or other reasons, not all the people who the email was sent to is able to join the thread for some time.

After a period of time they join the thread (usually they have lots of other emails waiting in the Inbox) and have no idea if the original issue has been resolved, partially resolved, rephrased or even addressed.

In the majority of the cases they have to go through the thread, reading mail by mail to finally understand either that the mail has already been resolved or that someone else has taken it in charge.It's the object of the current disclosure to propose a method and a system to solve the above issues providing an integrated and automatic system to manage urgent emails, adjusting status and urgency of the already sent emails, as the related urgent duties gets addressed and resolved.

According to such solution each of the email thread participants is able to notify the others in the thread that he's taking in charge the issue (partially or completely) related to the email. In a similar way the mail originator is able to notify the others that the issue has been resolved.

Such communications, according to configured user profiles, have the effect of changing the email priority in the Inbox of all the people participating in the thread. It can also move original email to a different folder (e.g. "resolved emails") instead of leaving emails of that thread in the inbox view.

As a consequence who joins the thread after a period of time is able to immediately understand if the issue is still urgent, it's important but not as urgent as at the beginning, or if it's been resolved so it has no importance at all.In this last case the email originator is able to configure the email to be allowed to be marked as read in the Inbox of the people who didn't have the opportunity to open it.

Other possible options are to leave it in the Inbox as normal priority, move it to a configured folder like for example "Resolved emails" or archive it.The proposed solution is able to address and solve, in case of urgent emails management, the problem of unnecessary emails back and forth, storage waste for the Inbox, time waste for the people involved in the threads and in general provides a more flexible and consumable approach to the mailing system.

The proposed solution is based on an additional plug-in that can be installed on top of email. The client plug-in allows the email originator and receiver to configure a


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