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Inverted Mammography Geometry Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200138D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-30
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Inverted Mammography Geometry

The Philips Mammo Diagnost X-ray system allows to turn the whole gantry so that the source is placed below the breast (schematically shown in left figure below). This is more convenient to e.g. scoliotic patients or, respectively allows acquisitions that were not possible before. Further, if the relevant parts to be imaged are in the upper part of the breast, the lower distance to the detector improves image quality. However, in this inverted geometry, the breast has to be placed on the movable plate and at the same time it has to be lifted up towards the fixed detector above it.

The invention proposes to let the plate being fixed while the source-detector unit can be manoeuvred instead (schematically shown in right figure below). This enables a handling as convenient as in the standard geometry: The breast may be placed on the plate and gets compressed from above by the detector while the distance between source and detector is preserved.

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