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Publication Date: 2010-Oct-01
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The present invention relates to information storage systems. A system for knowledge management of service account configuration is provided that improves the reliability, availability, and performance of data storage systems while decreasing the costs associated with maintaining such systems. The system provides for a uniform system for sharing data such that redundant data storage is unnecessary.

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System for Knowledge Management of Service Account Configuration


            The present invention relates generally to information technology and specifically to systems for managing data information.

            Businesses that operate in industries such as beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, chemical manufacturing, refining and others require chemical knowledge.  These businesses rely on vast amounts of electronically stored data in their daily operation.  Specifically, businesses often require information stored in numerous databases, programmed to communicate under different proprietary systems.  Such proprietary systems are designed to serve a single business function and purpose (e.g. a system for storing information relating to DNA sequences for plasmids and bacteria).

            Data storage systems designed to operate for a single purpose often contain vast quantities of information.  Multiple data storage systems may exist within a single company or business unit, yet require similar information.  For example, multiple data storage systems that contain information relating to the classification of various chemical compounds may co-exist.  These database systems are not designed to interact, and therefore operate independent of each other.

Often, these data systems will each contain redundant information.  This introduces unnecessary data integrity, maintenance, and consistency issues.  The data systems may require the use of different computer applications, each using a different method for storing data.  These applications are also unable to share data or interoperate, creating inefficiencies.  Existing large knowledge management systems contain multiple copies of data.  These systems create a copy of the data for each application.  Other systems share the information between applications by translating the data to a form each application can understand.

            It would be advantageous to design a method for providing a system to allow for correlation of various types of chemical and other data.  Such a system would avoid the need for multiple copies of the data while avoiding the need to translate the data for use with different applications.


Figure 1 is an organizational illustration of the system for knowledge management.

Figure 2 is a hierarchical illustration of the system for knowledge management.


            The present invention relates to a system for storing and relating vast amounts of data including chemical data.  The invention allows for storage, recollection and modification of various types of data that would be redundantly stored in conventional knowledge management systems.

            In the present invention, it is recognized that the information stored and used in one circumstance may be useful in other circumstances. For example, information used in a process at...