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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200257D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-02
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The present invention relates to a frame for a griddle or other accessories utilized on a cook top of a cooking product. Such a frame is used to integrate various griddles designs and accessories into a cooking product with optimized performance.

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The present invention relates generally to cook tops, and more particularly to a frame for a cook top.

A griddle is a type of cooking surface commonly used in homes and restaurants. It is desirable to provide more flexibility to various cooking products available commercially. For example, consumers may want to use a cast iron griddle for grilling purposes and a non-stick aluminum griddle for breakfast style foods such as pancakes, bacon, etc. Different griddle types, such as a cast iron griddle and a non-stick aluminum griddle, require different set up configurations over standard burners. The different configurations are desirable in order to optimize cooking performance, preheat time, maximum temperature limits, and other similar requirements.

Generally, traditional removable griddles are integrated into the cook top products and accessories. However, integrated griddles do not have the ability to change out for accessory type components. Further, accessory type components that are purchased off the shelf are not optimized for performance.

It is desirable to have a technique that allows for easy and efficient set up of a griddle or other accessories on a cook top.


Figure 1 is an exemplary embodiment of a frame for a griddle or other accessory in accordance with the present invention.


The present invention provides a cook top, griddle, and frame design that introduces flexibility to the consumer. A frame to position and align a griddle or other accessories appropriately over burners on a cook top is disclosed. The frame functions as a support for a griddle or other accessories, such as a cutting board, placed on a gas cook top. The griddle or other accessories


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are aligned and held in...