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System and Method to *Flash* Emails Based on an Instant Messaging Conversation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200303D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-05
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Disclosed is a system and method to provide visual indicators of emails relevant to a newly-received instant message.

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System and Method to *Flash* Emails Based on an Instant Messaging Conversation

There are a number of methods that exist today to alert a user when someone pings them. The instant messaging window flashing a different color (orange) is the most common. There are even additional components that will show contextual information about the person you are talking with. However, there currently is not an easy way to pull up emails that could potentially be important to a conversation.

There are currently no known solutions relevant to the disclosed invention.

Disclosed is a system and method to flash relevant emails when an instant message is received.

The process of implementation follows:
1. UserA has both an instant messaging client and email client open
2. The user receives a ping from another user, UserX
3. The email client reflects to the user which emails are relevant to UserX. The emails may:
• Flash
• Change colors
• Highlight
• Change font
• Launch an icon
• Glow
• Move to the top of the inbox
• Or other options…
4. UserX mentions "bug 123" or other keyword
5. Email with a subject of "Please look at bug 123" is shown to UserA in one of the methods described in step 3

6. The topic of the conversation changes
7. The email indicators are turned on or off accordingly

If the user mentions a keyword (in Figure 1, AUS920090034US1) that happens to be an email, the invention could further indicate to the user that the email might be something directly of interest given the context of the conversation:

Figure 1: Email flashed for relevant content

As the conversation changes the indicators would also change to reflect the flow of the conversation.

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Suppose the instant messaging conversation went like this: A, B, C, G, D. The user's inbox could rearrange the emails related to those keywords/topics in the same order as the conversation occurred:

If the user were to pull up a chat history, the indicators could be preserved with...