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IT Resources Fire Extinction System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200311D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-05
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The invention provides a self-contained automatic fire detection, warning, and suppression life safety system having an extinguishant source (gas) and a fire detector.The invention can be implemented directly in a server or within the rack. A intelligent box has logic to interface with components for detecting and warning of a fire and releasing the extinguishant. This solution helps to detect and extinguish dire earlier and instead of shutting down the overall data center allows to only shut down the impacted resources.

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IT Resources Fire Extinction System

In a Data Center today, the fire detection and extinction system is performed at the room level. Which is a problem when only a small location or even more when only one IT resources (server, storage or network component) is impacted. Indeed, in the first case the overall IT resources are impacted where only few of them could be impacted (destroyed) by the fire.

Today no solution exists for fire detection and extinction at IT resource level.

The invention is a solution that will integrate a fire detection and extinction system at the rack level or at the IT resource level.

The solution can be implemented in a black box and the added to an existing rack or IT Resource, or can directly embedded into the rack or IT resources. Even if it is not mandatory, build quasi-hermetic racks or IT resource boxes should help to extinct the fire.

In these alternatives, the process (algorithm) and needed hardware is the same.

As shows the following graphic, the process is:
Fire detection: The detection component is responsible for detecting the fire (temperature,




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Detection and confirmation components are typically cross-zoned using both photoelectric and ionization type spot detectors.

For the extinction component, an FM200 gas bottle can be used in order to quickly extinct the fire in the racks or in the IT Resource.

smoke, etc.)

Fire confirmation: An algorithm linked to a phys...