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Momentary parse display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200335D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-06
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Disclosed is a method for users/programmers to temporarily view in an Interactive Development Environment (IDE) how a programming language expression will be parsed before completing the programming actions. This helps avoid programming mistakes.

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Momentary parse display

When moving frequently between programming languages, when working with a new programming language, or when returning to work with a language after a long hiatus, a programmer can be unsure of how an expression will be parsed. Best guesses that turn out to be wrong can result in bugs that waste precious time to resolve. Also, even experienced programmers make mistakes with parentheses or may find it difficult to locate a mistake in a complex expression.

No current know solutions are identified.

The disclosed solution is an Interactive Development Environment (IDE) or program editor which provides a way for a user to achieve a momentary display of the parse tree for a given expression or statement. This immediate and direct feedback to the user/programmer saves both programming and debugging time, and keeps errors from occurring when the program runs in production.

In a program editor or IDE, a user first highlights an expression or statement, or simply places the cursor in the middle of an expression or statement. Then, the user performs an action (e.g., presses and holds a button, key combination, etc.), that causes the editor to display how the expression or statement is/will be parsed by the IDE and compiler/interpreter. Indicators of the predicted parsing could be flooding the expression or statement with maximal parentheses in a different color or graying-out the program display and superimposing a partially transparent graphic parse...