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Publication Date: 2010-Oct-06
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The present invention relates to an appliance that includes a means for generating ozone that is then delivered to the user via an external delivery means. The invention is applied to appliances such as washing machines that incorporate ozone generation functionality in order to provide a cost-effective and efficient means to deliver ozonated water to the user.

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The present invention relates generally to appliances, and more particularly to the application of ozonated water dispensers in washing machines.

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent. It is generally known that ozone has properties such as deodorizing, sterilizing and oxidation of organic substances. Ozone as a strong oxidizing agent bleaches many organic dyes and destroys bacteria. It is used as a disinfectant in breweries and cold stores and for cleaning drinking water where ozone destroys flavoring substances, odorous substances and dyes as well as bacteria and viruses from unclean water by oxidation.

Ozone is used in washing machines and other applications due to its ability to remove soil, stains, bacteria, and other undesired contaminants. Ozone generating systems supply ozone to effectively remove contaminants. The ozonated water itself is purified and can be used to wash items including apparel and foodstuffs.

Ozonated water systems comprise an ozone generator that is used to create ozone that is produced by applying a strong electric field to air that is then delivered in a controlled rate to the water present in the machine.

Standalone ozone generators for water purification are bulky and expensive. Typical standalone ozone generators available for industrial and personal uses are presented in various form factors intended for tabletop use, direct connection to faucets, and large-appliance scale units. Figure 1 illustrates a conventional ozonated water tap that collects water from a public water supply and is attached to a faucet. Conventional ozonated water taps are aesthetical disadvantages and add considerable mass to the end of the faucet.

Although the uses of ozonated water for the sanitization of a variety of materials including apparel and fruit are known, the addition of a delivery means for providing ozonated water is not currently known in the art. The delivery means is configured to transfer ozonated water from appliances such as washing machine for uses other than washing clothes would provide significant benefit to the users of the appliance.


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It would be desirable to incorporate a method for delivering ozonated water from an appliance that requires an ozone generating device for its operation.


Figure 1 illustrates a conventional system for providing ozonated water that is provided from a conventional plumbing fixture connected to a public water supply.

Figure 2 illustrates an exemplary embodiment of the invention.


The present invention applies to appliances that utilize a significant quantity of potable water in their operation. The present invention includes an appliance with an integrated ozonation device which contains a water intake, ozone generation device, and an ozonated water delivery means. The invention also incorporates control means for user interacti...