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Methods for Virtualization Management According to Logical Missions Within a Data Center Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200367D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-08
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Disclosed is a system and method to establish a logical association, identified as Missions, between Virtual Machines (VMs) in order to more efficiently duplicate or migrate them between data centers. The method enables a shared affinity mapping for the physical hardware among VMs to allow for higher level virtualization management.

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Methods for Virtualization Management According to Logical Missions Within a Data Center

An alternative method for migrating Virtual Machines (VMs) around a data center is needed because a VM potentially only constitutes a small fraction of the mission it supports. For example, a VM may be composed of a specific server and email backup routines, but that server may only constitute a small portion of the business' total infrastructure. As such, a VM migration action can potentially occur in a manner that is uncoordinated with the larger mission and surrounding hardware (HW) infrastructure. Current solutions do not address this issue.

The solution is to establish a logical association between VMs and share an affinity mapping for the physical HW leveraged by the group, making possible higher level virtualization management solutions. The method incorporates the identification and utilization of Missions.

A Mission is defined as a collection of VMs, running on a collection of physical hardware, all of which are running in order to provide a similar set of services or fulfill an overall business objective. Examples of a Mission include:
• E-mail
• Data Backup
• Data Deduplication
• Remote Access Services
• Web Hosting

In a preferred embodiment, the disclosed solution enables a data center manager to perform the following tasks:
• Create a new Mission from Mission Template
• Duplicate Mission from existing Mission
• Migrate Mission to new resource pool
• Increase Mission Scale
• Decrease Mission Scale
• Decommission Existing Mission

When administrators create a VM image, they designate the VM image...