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Application for Non-programming Server-side Control of Image Rollover Event Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200416D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-11
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Image rollover is a common DHTML effect used on web pages. This article describes how non-programming server-side control of the image rollover event can enable or disable the rollover effect without having to change client-side scripts.

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Application for Non-programming Server-side Control of Image Rollover Event

When developing web pages the image rollover event is one of the oldest and most used web effects, often accomplished by DHTML. Despite the popularity web developers are still required to produce client-side scripting in order to support this simple effect. It prolongs development time, requires use of multiple HTML attributes, prevents a fast implementation of the rollover effect for web editors with no programming skills, and finally binds the effect to the web pages HTML code. This means that changing or removing the effect requires an update of the web pages HTML.

    There is no known method to control image rollover events with non-programming skills and from the server-side only.

    This disclosure describes an application (and a working prototype) that allows for an automated client-side existence check of a rollover image file associated with a given HTML img-element by a simple and customizable naming convention. This eliminates the need for developing code for a rollover effect and requires the generic application code to be included as a JavaScript-file in the HTML code. The rollover effect can be added to an image or removed simply by adding or removing an image with certain file name in the same location as the image associated with the image element. This will allow web editors with no programming skills to add or remove the rollover effect for a HTML image element.

    This disclosure contains the full code for a working prototype (Preloading of rollover images, cross-browser functionality and preservation of existing event attribute code is a trivial extension to the prototype). Place the images logo.gif and logo.rollover.gif in figure 2 and 3 in the same server location as the HTML file rollover.html (Full code available in code example 1). The image files contains a logo image used in the markup language elemen...