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Improved Find function in spreadsheets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200429D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-11
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The present publication discloses a method to improve the "Find" function in applications that work with spreadsheets. The proposed enhancement allows the user to easily see the result of a Find function and all information related to the searched keyword.

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Improved Find function in spreadsheets

In current implementations of the "Find" function in programs that work with spreadsheets, the search results may not be evident to the user. Indeed, when a "Find" operation is performed the focus is positioned in the first occurrence of the searched word. In most cases it is difficult to immediately visualize the find result.

In some embodiments there are enhanced "Find" and Replace functions based on cells format and search function in multiple sheets of a workbook. In another embodiment there is the possibility to conditionally format cells in a worksheet. None of these know solutions highlight the find results in a spreadsheet.

     In the proposed embodiment the "Find" operation in a spreadsheet is enhanced.The result of the "Find" function is:
- all cells in the line containing the searched keyword are highlighted;
- the above line is positioned at the centre of the visualized page on the screen. In the proposed enhanced "Find" function, the user can easily see all information related to the searched keyword.

     The implementation of this enhanced "Find" function may be the following. When the enhanced "Find" function is invoked, if there is at least a result then:

  - a copy of the opened document in its current state is stored
- a table with the list of cells containing the searched keyword is created
In the opened document the row containing the result is highlighted (the row is the list of cells having the same row number as t...