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Email Delivery Time Monitoring Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200433D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-11
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Disclosed is a tool which facilitates a more efficient troubleshooting process for systems administrators or technicians attempting to identify the source of delays in an email system. The invention involves using a control set of email messages, routing both to and from various messaging domains and the Internet, to compare against actual collected routing data in order to determine where delays occur.

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Email Delivery Time Monitoring

Many organizations experience delays with corporate email, both while sending and delivering. In one instance, a company implemented a new software-hosted email system for a small subset of users. This was in addition to their existing email domain system. The company experienced periodic email delays. Due to the complexity of mail routing in the environment, it was difficult for systems administrators to identify the issues. A solution is needed to facilitate a more efficient troubleshooting process.

The disclosed solution is a tool that is used to create a control set of email messages routing both to and from the various messaging domains and the Internet. The idea behind this tool is to capture send and receive times from email messages sent from varying sources in a control loop. The system then collects this data and graphically displays it over time. Systems administrators then use the collected data to identify when delays are occurring between sources.

The tool is a collection of scripts that send email messages using a variety of applications. The method exports the data from the email server mail files into comma-separated values (CSV) files. This data is loaded by a workbook/spreadsheet program that creates graphs for publishing to a website. The detailed data in the CSVs is available for use by technicians for identifying specific email messages that experienced delays beyond the acceptable threshold for delivery time....