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A method of web site structure design with balance of user satisfaction and business result Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200449D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-14
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The invention puts multiple site designs online and collect the user sat. and business metrics of each design. And emotion sensor is leveraged to obtain real-time user satisfaction data in an user “invisible” way. It provides two ways to achieve the predefined user sat. rate and business result goal.

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A method of web site structure design with balance of user satisfaction and business result

Online advertising is a form of promotion widely used at Internet and WW Website . It brings significant revenue to Internet companies . Many Internet companies insert advertisement into the paths by which users complete a task , to increase its number of clicks . However, along with the increasing of advertisements , users start to get bored with this website and lower their satisfaction rate on this website . When the user satisfaction rate gets very lower , the users will abandon this website . We need to find a balance between number of advertisement and user's satisfaction rate , better with a scientific way .

However, the number of advertisements can be tolerated is not a fix number . It is impacted by a number of parameters .-- According to the studies, different peoples' tolerance to advertisement is different . For example, -Burstmedia's study shows Tolerance Falls as Age Rises. Also, culture background is another parameter impacting user's tolerance to Ad . For example, Chinese users are more tolerant to on-line advertising messages than US users . There are many dynamic parameters can impact user's tolerance . For example, Twitter's user survey shows user's tolerance to advertisement shifts over time . -Besides, user's tolerance canbe impacted by his /her mood today.

To find the balance point , there are 3 problems to be solved.

1. for the parameters mentioned above , some of them can be collected through user profile , some cannot. Besides, a lot of website allow users to visit without login . In this case, user profile cannot be applied .

2. It is hard to find a balance point working for all users .

3. How to adjust the balance point in a timely fashion .

To maximize the number of advertisement be displayed to users and keep user satisfaction at certain level , we need a smart, automatic way to adjust the advertisement policy for users timely .

The present invention offers an efficient and scientific method to find the balance point between user satisfaction rate and business value for a web site, and also to apply the found result in a timely manner . The method could be applied to different scenarios such as beta testing, on-line site improvement and so on .

For one web site, there should be several options for site structure design and implementation , each with different orientations to user sat. or to business result. The method will choose one implementation to offer to certain user based on predefined rules (or randomly if at first no rule is defined ). When user is visiting the web site , the method tracks the data about user 's satisfaction rate as well as the business result introduced by the user . By analyzing the collected data , the method can report the user -sat./business-result factors of each design. Then the rules can be adjusted dynamically to dispatch different proportions of users to the designs , so that...