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Moon Roof Air Deflector Height Measuring Tool for determining the distance between the top of the Moon Roof air deflector and the roofline of a motor vehicle. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200459D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-14
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Moon Roof Air Deflector Height Measuring Tool

The moon roof air deflector vertical height above the roofline is an important factor for open moon roof wind noise. The vertical height is very difficult to measure due to the fact that the deflector is usually over an open part of the roofline. To get the vertical height, one must cantilever a bar horizontally off the top edge of the air deflector while keeping the bar level and measure the vertical distance with a scale or caliper. It is often difficult to do without two people and is difficult achieve gage R&R. In addition, the deflector is spring loaded to pop up when the moon roof is opened. This creates a potential to inadvertently lower the deflector during the measurement process. There is currently no tool available to accurately and repeatability measure moon roof air deflector height. Each plant, engineer, tech, does it in an improvised way using a system of straight edges, levels and calipers/scales to measure this height.

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Moon Roof Air Deflector Measuring Tool

The FoMoCo moon roof air deflector height measuring tool was created to solve these problems. Tool features: - Compact and light weight so the deflector is not pushed down during measurement - Self-contained leveling bubble system - Threaded adjustment screw with rubberized foot to level the bubble - Machined surface for accurate meas...