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Method and system for centralized travelling tracking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200476D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-15
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Here is disclosed an integrated system to automatically manage a special short message composition to exchange both travel related and personal information.

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Method and system for centralized travelling tracking

When someone is in travel there's often the need of exchanging information with another person that is waiting for him/her at destination, or someone who is interested on how the travel is going. This information are of two different set on information: one that is related to the traveller (his health status, his thoughts, questions about who is going to pick him up and so on) and another that is dependent on the transport means or on the travel itself.

    For example if a user is travelling by coach this second type of information may include the current position, the expected time of arrival, the current weather, the expected time of arrival at specific intermediate places, the location, time and duration of next stop and so on. In many cases the traveller doesn't know this second kind of answers, and he shouldn't ask them to the coach driver to avoid distracting him from the driving.

    Furthermore it may also happen that when someone calls or sends a traveller a short message for requesting information the traveller is sleeping or doesn't hear the telephone, and the information exchange is postponed or even doesn't happen at all. Currently there's no system that allows this information exchange regardless of the traveller hearing the telephone with just a short message, allowing to make a phone call just when people are really interested in talking and not just in exchanging travel information.

    The object of the current solution is to propose a method and a system to address all of the above issues providing and integrated and automatic system to automatically manage a special short message composition to exchange both travel related and personal information. The proposed idea is to split the short message sources of information and centralize the one providing the second type of information, that are the one specific to the travel or transport means, since they're common to all the travellers. This way each traveller will be able to asynchronously prepare his personal message that will be used as reply to an information request message and choose which ones of the available common information to append as header to his reply. He will also be able to customize a personal profile to selectively enable or disable individual information pieces towards individual message senders.

    The proposed solution gives the travellers and the people they trust the comfort to be sure that the needed information will be exchanged by the minimum time as possible without worrying about hearing the telephone, ask information to the coach driver or even be awaken. It's based on an additional component (let's call it coach message handler) that can be installed on top of coach or other transport means Satellite Navigators providing them with a short message receiver and a means of communication towards all other cellular phones or even laptops of the people in the coach.This component will allow the tr...