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Policy To Determine Disk Power Based On Object Access Frequency Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200490D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-15
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Large disk systems can draw a lot of power and companies are striving to reduce costs as energy prices go up. In large archiving systems where disk are used for storage, there are objects stored or archived that may need to be accessed infrequently. If the retrieval rate can be determined, either programmatically through an algorithm or user entered values, power savings can be achieved. The current archive strategy/paradigm is to migrate seldom retrieved data to tape. Many archive solutions are disk only and do not include tape.

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Policy To Determine Disk Power Based On Object Access Frequency

Physical disks would be allocated to archive storage based on archive object metadata. Objects with user defined disk pool policy or a more infrequent object access pattern would be migrated to the "power off" disks at specified intervals. The disk power would be restored automatically to the disks upon new reads or writes. Disks would be grouped in small RAID arrays to minimize the number of disks needed to spin up. In archive applications, these objects would not be modified, so only new writes and reads of existing objects would necessitate a disk power event.

Writes would need to be configured as synchronous to allow power down if necessary between concurrent operation. Once active, disks could power down after a user specified period of inactivity.

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User writes data to storage with retention policy to determine length of time data is retained

Archive Object is placed in Active Disk Pools

 Policy triggers object placement to migration queue for Power Managed Disks Based on access frequency or user defined disk pool policy

Power Management Disks Power up at predetermined interval to accept writes from queue

Power Management Disks Power up due to recall of data located on Powered off disks

 Data in queue for Power management Pool is written to Power Management Disks

Disks Power Back Down after period of none use