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Method of Cooling Large IT Servers or Data Storage Machines Using Frame Cross Members

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200497D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-15
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This invention uses the horizontal cross members of the frame found in large information technology servers and data storage systems as a conduit for dispersing chilled air into the internal portion of the machine in order to enhance cooling capability.

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Method of Cooling Large IT Servers or Data Storage Machines Using Frame Cross Members

High end information technology machines (mainframe servers and large data storage systems) typically used in data centers and in raised floor type settings generate large amounts of heat during operation. Failure to effectively control or limit the build-up of heat can reduce component life and / or cause system or component failures. As a result, product designers use various methods or devices to dissipate heat from the system. With the demand for more system power and technology, every unit of available space should be maximized for value add technology components and assemblies and the space utilized by non-technology related components such as fans, blowers, hoses, tubes and pumps should be minimized.

Because high end information technology machines use frames for their basic supporting structure, this invention uses the horizontal cross members at the top of the machine frame as a delivery and dispersing mechanism for cooled / chilled air.

Before the entire machine frame is assembled, horizontal cross frame members will have the interior portion of the tubing prepared and finished (polished, blasted, or coated, etc) to allow smooth airflow and have one side machined / cut to create slots and or openings of sufficient size to accept the insertion of an air diffuser. Depending on how much air flow is desired or needed, the cross section (interior space / dimensions) of the...