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How to stop RDBMS normally when RDBMS can not stop normally Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200527D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-18
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There are two methods to stop database. One is normal stop, the other is forced stop. Forced stop is needed when normal stop is fail. And forced stop need to be executed when normal stop is fail because database is in trouble. For example, when database must be stopped normal but database is fail in a normal stop. Then following step is needed, at first forced stop, at second activate database, at third normal stop. The flow is below. [ failure in a normal stop -> forced stop -> database activation -> normal stop ] But, typical business RDBMS software do not have these function, parameter nor option. If the customer's requirement needs these function, then these function is needed to create every projects. This is problem. In this case, it can be fixed by making a shell script.

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How to stop RDBMS normally when RDBMS can not stop normally

Shell script has a following function.

Shell script will judge whether database normal stop is success or not.

After that, shell script will decide forced stop is need or not automatically.

Thus, administrator execute stop script just one time.

Because forced stop, activate database and normal stop are executed separately, the process is


But the new process contains these methods.

New function can consolidate one shell script.

As a result, this process is simple and efficient for administrator and operator.

Furthermore, one function is added. Forced stop is executed when normal stop is fail, additionally, forced

stop function is executed at over specified time.

Normal stop is failure or normal stop is not complete at specified time. Then forced stop is executed


As illustrated, a processing is shown as follows. Figure 1

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Figure 1 shows stop processing of the past. Start processing and stop processing are more. It shows that

some shell scripts is needed to execute this requirement.

Figure 2


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Figure 2 shows stop processing contains in this times idea. Area that is surrounded by dot-line is the new

idea in this time.

Each function run as 1-9 below.

As a result of 1-9, database can be stopped normally.
1.Database will start to stop processing. At the same...