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Intelligent test module for debugging script Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200529D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-18
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Disclosed is a method for debugging script/program using test module (STUB) with predefined parameter file. It's easy to implement this test module with low cost, because main function is generating return code and messages, controlling execution time and parallel process, and the test is limited to script/batch program.

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Intelligent test module for debugging script

Characteristics of this invention:

- This invention is achieved by making general test module (STUB) for Windows(*1)/UNIX(*2). Test executants need not install target application or middleware, and can test script/batch program without execution module (*.exe, *.bin).
- Test module is located to subjected directory in the test system and renamed to subjected object, same as there exists necessary execution module. If execution module written in script/batch program is simple commands without path definition, test module can be coded by script/batch program. (*.sh, *.ksh, *.csh, *.bash, *.bat, etc.) Refer Fig.1
- The purposes to locate test module are, (1) avoid causing error by missing execution module, (2) generate assumed return code, (3) generate assumed messages to standard output, (4) wait assumed execution time, (5) control parallel process, therefore above functions are implemented. Refer Fig.4
- Manage above (2), (3), (4), (5) functions by prepared definition files. Refer Fig.2
- This test module can also be used in system with target application/middleware installed but difficult to emulate various test case, therefore it's valuable for testing script/batch program. Refer Fig.3

Comparing with existing technology:

- In the past, when testing program, test module called STUB is generally used in spite of making lower level module. In many case, STUB contains all function calls defined in design specification of pro...