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A method for sharing, distributing and building custom nodes from the pre-canned IBM or user defined nodes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200604D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-20
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The disclosure describes a new approach to develop custom mediation logic, which enables the authors to develop logic using rich set of pre-canned IBM or third party nodes and exploit toolkit built-in features and existing technology such as WMB maps, XSLT, ESQL programming language with which he is most familiar. The author can easily convert existing, proven privately used subflows into reusable logic to be shared. The author can commercialize the intellectual property by distributing the reusable logic in an encrypted form, and ensure copyright compliance. The author can easily service the shared mediation logic as this appears black box to end users which cannot easily be modified. It also describes a new method of distributing the custom transformation logic, which enables users of the logic to install, update, roll back the logic using standard Eclipse Software Updater and to use the logic in the same way as the IBM-provided primitive nodes to be drag and drop from a flow editor palette.

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A method for sharing, distributing and building custom nodes from the pre -canned IBM or user defined nodes

Disclosed is a process enabling a user to develop, distribute, and commercialize reusable mediation logic build. The disclosed process provides a capability to build custom nodes using existing built-in nodes supplied by IBM®1 or third parties and package the custom nodes as Eclipse™2 based features to be installed and managed using a standard Eclipse based distribution mechanism. Independent software vendors (ISV) can encrypt node plug-ins, which upon receiving a necessary license, can be decrypted and therefore protect intellectual property assets of the user.

The disclosed process provides a capability to integrate aspects of developing, distributing, and commercializing reusable mediation logic typically not possible with the previous versions of the Websphere® Message Broker Toolkit

                       3. The disclosed process enables developing reusable mediation logic using a full range of familiar development tools available in the toolkit, including a user-friendly and standard distribution and an encrypted, versioned, copyright

protected, and serviceable product for commercial license usage.

Using a WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) Toolkit, a message flow developer can design mediation logic using predefined vendor or user-supplied nodes.


                                         odes encapsulate useful functional programming logic for a specific task and appear on the flow editor palette of the toolkit. WMB developers simply drag and drop nodes on a flow editor canvas. The nodes are wired together to create a message flow capable of implementing complex mediation logic for brokering between disparate applications, transforming messages, and exposing legacy application as web services.

An independent software vendor or architect within an enterprise can create and distribute reusable assets for customers or other developers within the organization using techniques of the disclosed process. In one example, a user creates a sub-flow using existing nodes (vendor or user supplied nodes) along with dependent artifacts such as Java®4, map, and ESQL5 logic as source file(s) and send the sub-flow to another user.

The user of reusable logic copies or imports the sub-flow into a message flow project and ensures all related artifacts, including Java, map, and ESQL artifacts are imported or copied and


            . A problem with this mechanism is the author user cannot regulate ownership, derive commercial value out of the intellectual property, and service the sub-flow, which potentially could be the user.

In another example, a user creates a brand new message flow node using Java or C programming language,


       ackages the node into a plug-in Java archive (JAR) and requests end users to place the JAR into the WMB toolkit plug-ins directory.

In this case, a developer has to write Java or C code and cannot take advantage of the rich set of built-in nodes to implement complex mediation logic. A...