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Use ScreenCapture/Compare Automation in UI regression Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200605D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-20
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Smart and efficient UI testing methodology by using existing automation test tools' API

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Use ScreenCapture/Compare Automation in UI regression

Disclosed is a process for user interface regression automation testing. Embodiments of the disclosed process provide a capability to compare user interface (UI) screens of each build with user interface screens of a next build. Using the disclosed process typically eliminates


 rohibitive overhead of maintaining baselines, and providing a method of early detection of unwanted visual style changes in an application. Automation testing is always a popular topic in current software development world with UI automation and regression as one of the hottest. The disclosed process typically provides a capability for more effective user interface regression automation testing using a five-step process.

A first step comprises using existing an automation test framework or developing one when needed, to create automation test cases for capturing screen snapshots of all pages of an application under test. Ideally a screen capture tool should support capturing snapshots of either a whole screen or part of a screen.

In a second step all screen capture test cases from the first step are gathered as individual test suites. Every time a new version of the application is available, the test suites should be executed automatically. As a result of the execution all snapshots of screens are saved in a local disk folder, named with the application version (or build) number as highlighted in Figure 1.

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Figure 1


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A third step comprises using the snapshots to manually assess consistency of appearance of the application. Globalization and translation verification testing (assuming the capture tool was used with all application supported languages) is also performed at this time using the snapshots...