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Audio command prioritization and privilege assignment for in-vehicle speech detection systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200630D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-21
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Disclosed is a system which works with in-car voice systems to allow/limit control over hands-free devices based on seat position. The system uses microphones placed in the corners of the vehicle along with technology to determine the position of the speaker and references pre-set criteria to allow or block the command.

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Audio command prioritization and privilege assignment for in -vehicle speech detection systems

Currently with in-car voice systems that offer hands-free control over certain devices, anyone in the car, not just the driver, can issue voice commands to control the radio, telephone, etc. Past attempts have been made to solve this with speech recognition but no system can successfully determine who is the driver or passenger based on speech alone.

By determining the position and origin of the command, rights and privileges are assigned based on the seat position and origin of the command. This can allow the driver to have full control (root access) in some instances and commands from the back seat to be ignored or set to a lower privilege level.

One current approach to this problem is a voice recognition interactive system with a confirmation capability. (1) This allows a vehicle to prevent commands from being executed by using voice recognition. Similar principals are used in this disclosure. However, instead of speech recognition, the command origin is determined using audio triangulation and the privileges are relative to the physical seat position from which the command originated, rather than from the voice/speech pattern that executed the command.

Disclosed is a system to determine the origin of an audio command. Microphones are placed in the corners of the car, and then the system can determine the origin of the command and assign privileges to each seat position in the car.

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