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System For External Advertising on Ebooks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200641D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-22
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When someone reads a book or magazine in public it acts as an advertisement to other people. The cover is generally visible to everyone else in the area while the book is being read. This is a powerful form of advertising as the individual is implicitly giving their approval of the book. Human nature also makes us inquisitive in to what other people are reading and it's a common site on public transport to see an individual reading over a person's shoulder, again producing a form of advertisement for the book or magazine in question. With electronic books. however, other members of the public have no idea what book or magazine is being read. This invention makes use of the following facilities offered by an e-reader device to advertise what is being read to people in the near vicinity: * Reverse screen * Screensaver * Multi-angle display screens * Local adhoc network awareness

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System For External Advertising on Ebooks

The system herein works by publishing details about the book or magazine currently being viewed on the e-reader device as described in the following examples:
1. Some devices (such as mobile phones) have two screens, with one on the reverse side of the main screen. In the case of reading an e-book, the main screen can be used to display the book, but the secondary screen on the reverse can be used to show an advert about the book , e.g. "Darren is currently 30% of the way through

available for


". The advertisement may also include snippets from the book, or reviews that it has received.

2. Some devices have screensaver facilities these could be used to display a similar advertisement to 1. When the e-reader device is put down, the screensaver can activate and the advertisement can be displayed.

3. Some devices have multi-angle displays. These allow a different image to be displayed when they're viewed from a different angle. At 90 degrees from the screen, the e-reader would always show the content of the book (to the reader), at a wider angle (for other people) the device can also show the book content that the main user was viewing, but can cycle to adverts about the book. This would be a useful advertisement for when people are reading over the shoulder and would provide a teaser for the third party.

4. Some devices have network capabilities and could detect the other devices in the vicinity. In this case they could...