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Improve Magnetic Ink Print Quality in a Printer by Overprinting with Black Ink

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200697D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-25
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Improve Magnetic Ink Print Quality in a Printer by Overprinting with Black Ink

Disclosed is a method of designing a printer that prints magnetic ink so that is provides improved print quality compared to a normal magnetic ink printers.  It does this by providing extra printing components that print non-magnetic black ink, and arranging those components so that they can print on top of magnetic ink.


Color inkjet printers have multiple ink supplies, each of which feeds to a set of nozzles in one or more printheads. Monochrome printers have just one color of ink. In many ink jet printers, a single printhead moves back and forth across the paper, and for color printers with a single print head, the printhead has jets dedicated to each color.

 In some high-speed ink jet printers, an array of print heads are used, and these print heads are fixed in place during operation.   The arrangement of which print heads print which colors, or whether all printheads print all colors, varies between machines of different manufacturers. 

Most normal ink does not include magnetic material.  Printers with normal ink therefore cannot print documents that will be processed with magnetic readers.  Printing magnetic ink is needed for some documents, and some printers use a formula for black ink that includes magnetic material.  Unfortunately, the ink formulas in current use print with a color that is not truly black.  The result is a color cast on items printed with magnetic ink.


Black should be printed over all the characters/marks that are printed with magnetic ink.  In addition, other colors can be added in appropriate amounts to overcome the color cast of the MICR ink.

In order to overprint with true black ink, the printer needs to have true black as a separate color from magnetic black, and it needs extra nozzles...