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Search Engine Scrambler Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200702D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-25
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Search Engine Scrambler

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Search Engine Scrambler

Many companies work on projects which are sensitive in nature and information relating to the project should be kept "need to know". This could be either for commercial or governmental reasons. Unfortunately in the day-to-day activities of the employees of these companies, modern internet search engines are used extensively during the course of work. Nearly all of this traffic is unencrypted, leading to search requests and results being transmitted in plain text. Any individual or organization which can view the internet traffic leaving a company such as a network administrator or externally at an Internet Service Provider; or view internet traffic entering the search engine can monitor the traffic for keywords which gives away much of what the originating company is up to. In cases where the traffic is encrypted, the search engine provider can still determine the search queries and results originating from an organization. For example, if an organization was working on a new top secret flying car, search queries for automotive engineering and aerial navigation would grow in number from the organization's internet gateway IP.

    To the end user the proposed system is completely transparent; their search requests and results operate as normal but the system provides a level of security and privacy. This system uses two techniques in software to protect information about what search queries are originating from a specific location and the results which are provided back from the search engine. The first is to simply proxy search engine traffic to another geographic location, randomly selecting a different geographic location for each query, this makes it very difficult t...