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Alarm clock with extended snooze function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200737D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-27
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Alarm clock with extended snooze function

Most alarm clocks have a snooze function. By operating the snooze button during alarm sounding, the alarm sound is switched off, but automatically starts again after a fixed time period of, usually, a few minutes. A similar snooze function is often incorporated in wake-up lights. Wake-up lights generate a gradually increasing light intensity starting at a certain point in time before the set wake-up time. During or near the end of the wake-up cycle, an alarm sound is additionally generated, which can be temporarily switched-off by the snooze button.

It is proposed to apply an extended snooze time of e.g. one hour instead of a few minutes. The extended snooze function may be operated by a separate snooze button next to the normal snooze button.

An additional message function is proposed, which is activated after activation of the extended snooze function. In this embodiment, the alarm clock has an interface which, upon activation of the extended snooze function, sends a message to a selected person to warn that person that the user will arrive later. The interface could be a mobile-phone, a voice-mail or e-mail system. The interface may be arranged to randomly select a sample from a plurality of messages, each indicating a different reason for delay.

In a wake-up light, the snooze function of the alarm sound might be extended to the lighting function, so that upon activation of the snooze function the light is temporarily...