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Shaving apparatus with mist supply system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200738D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-27
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Shaving apparatus with mist supply system

It is known to provide an electrical shaver with a system for the supply of steam or mist to the skin during shaving. The steam or mist provides a lubricating and/or sensorial effect. Mist is for example generated by means of an ultrasonic vibrator submerged in a liquid, whereby the generated mist droplet sizes are around 5 µm.

With a mist or steam droplet size of around 5 µm, the temperature of the droplets will rapidly decrease while traveling to the skin, so that relatively cold droplets arrive at the skin. Experiments however have shown that consumers prefer mist droplets with temperatures around skin temperature, preferably in a range between 25-50 °C.

In order to achieve mist droplets that have the preferred temperature when arriving at the skin, water in a container is heated to a temperature between 30-99 °C, more preferably between 40-80 °C. Excessive cooling of the droplets, while traveling to the skin over a distance between 5-10 mm, is prevented by generating droplets with diameters of between 10-150 µm, more preferably between 20-50 µm. Within these ranges, a sufficient sensorial effect of the mist droplets is also achieved.

The preferred droplet diameters can be obtained by using a mist generator comprising a vibrating mesh having individual hole diameters of between 5-150 µm, more preferably between 10-25 µm. Sufficient lubricating and sensorial effects are achieved by applying flow rates to the s...