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Method, apparatus and system for Service to Restore and Reuse the information by piping URLs in the browser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200907D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-29
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Abstract : The Disclosure Idea fecilitates the Form Or Web information reusing over different Forms and Instances of browsers. user can use the same information again and again on different browsers and even on different machines, without breaking the security for which the browser don't have to remember the fields and the values all the time with the help of a service. The current article is about a System,method and architecture of supporting a URL service, Where user can have the data to Name fields which when piped with another Web-form, writes the data-values to that URI. Example : A User wants to fill a HTML/XML form again and again, on a certain webpage, thus the request values can be propergated and used from 1 webpage to another by registering through the service URI Therefore, the disclosure idea is about a URL service, which can give a URL be called as service URL that can be piped with any service where a user have to enter all the common information and piping the URL with anyother web-form will dynamically populate the new form It solves major problems when you have to fill the details in a web-based forms consecutively which acts as a troublesome job for users, becuase most of the real life senarios, the information we use across many forms Or on the same form multiple times are cumbersome

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Method, apparatus and system for Service to Restore and Reuse the information by piping URLs in the browser

The disclosure is about providing the solution that will support to pipe the service URL with the URL of the form which you want to populate and then the whole information will be retrieved for the user, that can be reused on the new Form
In other words :
We will provide the URL service through which the user can add his labels and its values and we can return URL to the user, which the user can PIPE with the HTTP URL of the page that is supposed to be filled.The service URL can be used "n" number of times without breaking the security and without storing the information into the cache for subsequent session.

Problem faced by user while entering the same information repetitively:

The user will end up filling the same rigid information again and again, so its overhead for the user.We will resolve the problem using a URL service, where the user has to register all the required information which he feels is common for him.The names and values on our application which are stored on a server under our registry, and once the user register we will generate a unique URL and provide the URL to the user.Using that URL the user can update his cache for a

particular session and he can use it instead of repetitively filing the same information in the


Algorithm for the proposed solution:

The algorithm for the solution that we are proposing has two parts as below:-
1.Managing the variables and values at the Browser end
2.Parsing Mechanism for the Piped URLs

Managing the variables and values at the Browser end :-

Step 1: We will create cookies at the user end for all the names and values as entered by the user while the user registered when we call the URL through the browser.

Step 2 : The cookies can be generated in the following manner- void fillTheNamesValuestoURL()


//to do fill the names in the browser matching the particular cookies

Cookie cookie = new Cookie("user", USER);


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cookie.setDomain(URL); response.addCookie(cookie);

Step 3 : We will make cookies for each name and value pair, and set it in the user's browser , where we have...