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System and method for automatic testing of userstories in a cloud setup Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200911D
Publication Date: 2010-Oct-29
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Our experience with testing KVM in cloud reveals that though there are testsuites available for most of the hardware and software components in a cloud, they are all independent testsuites. Each testsuite is designed to test either one (or max two) of the cloud components. We are proposing a generic test framework for testing a cloud, that can automatically test user-stories (or in other words, usage scenarios) leveraging these independent testsuites.

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System and method for automatic testing of userstories in a cloud setup


Generic Cloud architecture" ========================= Following is the architecture of a general cloud setup

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fig: 1

Autotest Framework: ==================

For testing Servers and Clients, there is an already existing Test Framework termed 'autotest'. Autotest was designed primarily to test Linux Kernel. For implementing cloud test framework, we are planning to enhance the autotest architecture and code base (

Into the current autotest framework, external test-suites can be integrated by writing autotest wrappers. We will be exploiting this feature of autotest for adding test-suites that are available for each of the cloud components (pls refer fig.1 to see various hardware and software components in a cloud). Our assumption is that for most of the hardware and software cloud components, there will be already available individual test-suites used for Functional Verification Testing and Stress testing.

Implementation of our cloud test framework using autotest framework can be depicted as follows:


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A server external to the cloud setup will be having autotest server installed and configured. Client mode of the test framework will be configured in all of the systems included in the cloud, those need to be tested. Autotest Server has the capability to install and configure client systems with the specified test-suites and configuration. This is done with the help of control files defined in the Autotest Server as well as client systems.

Please refer "Testing the Untestable: - John admanski, Steve Howard" for more details related to the autotest framework and its capabilities.

Implementation of the idea - "automatic testing of userstories ": =================================================

The 'autotest framework for a cloud' explained above, can be used as the basic setup on which automatic testing of user stories can be accomplished.

A userstory, at a high level, will have info related to an action/request that a user will be taking/making and its expected result. A very detailed user story will have info related to the functionality that each of the stack components has to execute to accomplish the request made by the user, to fetch him/her a result. Since a userstory will be having details on various components involved and their corresponding functionalities for a particular request from user, testing a userstory is more than Functional or Stress testing of a specific component. Userstory testing is actually testing an end to end control flow over multiple components in a stack.

First of all, tester should be able to define a user-story to be tested. From this userstory, there should be mappings to
1. various cl...