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A Method to Isolate EMI and Noise Coupling for Connectors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000200968D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-01
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This invention presents a method to mitigate electromagnetic interference caused by vias through via anti-pads.

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A Method to Isolate EMI and Noise Coupling for Connectors

With increasing speed and decreasing supply voltage, suppressing cross-coupled signal noise is a hot issue for high-speed and high-

performance desig

vias are very closely located and produce significant cross-talk among them. Anti-

means predetermined shapes/area are removed from the copper thereby isolating them from other nets. But these anti-

a, wasting valuable space on the board. Worse, noise can couple to sensitive signals or

devices through the void area and the void area will result in system electromagnetic interference (EMI) issue.

This invention suggests a method to suppress noise coupling and EMI for connectors. By adding a thin-film magnetic material to the connector, the invention shows this method can both remove EMI and also block noise coupling.

As described in section 1, the noise coupling and EMI are becoming real problems. The current solutions of adding de-caps and having ground shielding for connector only work in limited effectiveness.

This invention inserts a magnetic thin film, which is found to block the electromagnetic interference and noise coupling, below the connector. This invention also removes the need to have de-caps, thereby saving areas for the connectors.

Figure 1 shows how today's connector is a source of significant EMI and noise coupling: the signal pins within the connector, the vias within PCB and a big void area created by anti-


n. For example, where a connector is mounted on a card, connector pins and

pads for vias are needed whic


pads create a big void are

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Figure 1. EMI and noise coupling are hot issues.


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