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Apparatus And Method For Creating System Of Paperless Receipts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201003D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-04
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This invention is to solve the inefficiency of paper and ink receipt creation with many transactions made in the world. This invention satisfies the common needs of going "green," saving on cost, and simple organization.

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Apparatus And Method For Creating System Of Paperless Receipts

The invention involves people carrying a magnetic readable device that offers a unique ID which correlates to a location where receipts can be electronically stored, regardless of transaction type (cash, credit, debit, etc). Instead of using ink, paper and creating trash while adding to wallet and purse clutter, the transaction is stored in a protected web based location for the user to access at a later time.

This product would be offered for all persons wishing to go green, save on trash and/or get more organized, and for businesses wishing to save on paper, ink, and printer cost. Users would set up password protected accounts online that would be tied to their choice of ID physical form (card, keychain), and an ID that could be used online. Sellers would have to be equipped with readers that could transmit the data after the Buyers ID has been read.

In simple terms, at the end of a transaction the seller could ask "would you like a receipt?" The buyer would offer his ID device (keychain accessory, ID card, etc), the seller would pass this device over a reader and the receipt data would be sent of to a web based retention area.

At the users convenience this data could be accessed for review and printed for returns, gift receipts, etc. as needed.

A few potential places for use: -retail sales
-restaurant, fast food
-bank transactions (ATM, etc.) -donations
-online purchases
-services purchased