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Best Friends Selection for Specific Purpose Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201048D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-06
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Disclosed is a system and method for identifying, through key word matching, relevant recipients of a user?s status update to a social networking site. The purpose is to match recipients of the update based on the actions the user is about to take, therefore eliminating irrelevant updates on a recipient?s social networking page.

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Best Friends Selection for Specific Purpose

Social Networking sites today provide a way to keep in touch with family, friends and

co-workers. A user adds people with the designation of friend. Once added, the user

shares information, such as photos, videos, messages, news, life events, etc, with one

or more friends in a network. On most social networking websites, the user does that by

updating the status line so that all the Friends receive the updates.

Status updates can contain many different types of information - from statements to

questions. For example, a status update that amounts to a request for information is:

"Visiting Nashville next week, wondering where the best places to eat are..."

Unfortunately, all the Friends will get this information, but only very few can provide an

answer. For other Friends for whom this request is irrelevant, the status update simply

amounts to annoying social networking "spam".

A method is needed which filters the posted updates to deliver them to the most

relevant members of the Friends list. In essence, the system would answer the

question: Who are my most useful Friends based on the actions I'm about to take? For

• I'm traveling to city A today: Who are my most useful Friends for this action?
• I'm going to an interview about a Software Development position today: Who are

my most useful Friends for this action?

Disclosed is a method by which status updates are really made for only those Friends

for whom the content is recognized as relevant. The main purpose is to leverage

Friends on social networks based on the action the user is about to take (i.e., related to

the user's status update). This system allows the user initiating the status to control,

based on some criteria, to whom the information goes; therefore, only relevant

recipients view the status update. This makes for a better social networking experience,

by automatically filtering out irrelevant inf...