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Electronic fluid measuring device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201106D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-08
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Disclosed is a software implementation designed to help end users with their everyday fluid needs and conservation desires.

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Electronic fluid measuring device

Technology exists to assist consumers with monitoring and controlling their levels of water and energy usage at the point of dispensing. These include:
• Sensors in faucets for turning the water on and off
• Electronically controlled shower temperature and water pressure

The disclosed invention is a method to electronically assist an end user with fluid use, conservation, and custom activities using audible indicators and/or visual indicators while dispensing liquid to help the operator measure the liquid. For example:
audible beep when one cup is dispensed


light flash when one cup is dispensed


audible beep and light flash when one cup is dispensed


The dispenser has a built-in memory. For example, the LED flashes every one cup. In one case, the operator dispenses 1.2 cups. The LED flashes again in 0.8 cups if performed before dispenser memory resets. However, if the dispenser is not used for a specified length of time (e.g, 120 seconds) the dispenser memory is reset to 0. Now the LED will flash again in 1.0 cups.

0) Dispenser memory reset = 120 seconds
1) Operator pours 1.2 cups (LED flash at 1 cup)
2) Operator pauses 30 seconds
3) Operator pours 0.3 cups.
4) Operator pauses 5 minutes, dispenser memory reset to 0.
5) Operator pours 1.5 cups (LED flash at 1 cup)

The invention can be applied to any fluid to assist a user with accurate measurement. The dispenser is attached to where the fluid flows from. For example,...