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System to promote smiling whilst on the phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201108D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-08
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This disclosure describes a method to encourage the user to smile by using sound and images when the user is on the phone.

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System to promote smiling whilst on the phone

On many occasions, a user might have difficulty smiling and generating a positive tone while on the telephone, especially over a long period of time or in confrontational situations. The solution is a system which detects what makes the user happy and then plays a sound or shows an image which is known to have previously caused the user to smile; thus, a system to serenade sounds and images in order to change facial behavior.

Current solutions describe a method to analyze the human face. The solution described here does not claim a technique for analyzing a human face, but rather to use the information of the recognized emotion to trigger the generation of sound or images to change the emotion of the user. No known solutions compare to the novelty of this idea.

This system has a learning/monitoring engine where it observes when the user is happy, by using the camera to detect the smile. When the system detects a smile, it collects observations of images and sound. Later, when the user is on the phone, the system shows the images and plays low sounds to encourage the user to smile.

The learning period occurs at any stage when the user is present and not on the phone. The system is always learning without supervision. Images and sounds may also be input or come pre-packaged in the smiling database, so that it is automatically shown/played when on the phone.

The flow chart below [Figure] shows the learning period as wel...