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IMM direct connection for debug environment (Laptop Crash Cart) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201123D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-08
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Disclosed is a system and method to improve the troubleshooting and issue resolution process in the event of a system crash. The core idea is to add code to the Information Management Model (IMM) and open an information-sharing channel between connected machines.

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IMM direct connection for debug environment (Laptop Crash Cart)

In the event of a system crash, systems administrators/engineers have limited options to help them identify and resolve operational issues. Administrators often have difficulty locating datacenter crash carts and/or power for them. A keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch which allows the administrator to work from a laptop to control multiple computers is expensive. Identifying the Information Management Model's (IMM) Internet Protocol (IP) address is difficult for an organization's support staff to do on a running system.

The disclosed invention adds code to the IMM to enable detection of a directly connected machine (i.e., not through a switch or bridge), enables the connected machine to start a daemon application, connecting to the IMM. The IMM then gives the daemon application on the client machine limited control, KVM support, lightpath diagnostics, etc. to research and resolve system problems.

The components and process for implementation of the invention include:
1. A client machine directly connects to the IMM (via shared port or dedicated port).
2. The system sends out a Link-Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) broadcast packet at variable intervals.

3. The client machine receives the packet (LLDP cannot go through switches).
4. If the daemon is running, then the client machine responds to the IMM, making the connection and providing the IMM a public key with which to connect.

5. The daemon on the cli...