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[VL100] GPS Corrector

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201142D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Nov-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Nov-09
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GPS Corrector


Often times when one is traveling, the GPS can lead the user to a street that no longer exists. This often happens for several reasons. Most frequently, new roads are created, and old roads are closed leading the user to a street that is no longer in existence, and destroying the planned map guidance. Another example occurs when despite the fact an old road may exist, a new road is created that provides the most direct route. Another misguidance that often happens is the confusion over street addresses. Often times, one will enter a street name while the GPS will lead the user to the entered street name and the device will take the user to the wrong address. This enhancement to a GPS navigation interface would allow the user to send a message to the GPS manufacturer or map provider, stating that the street no longer exists, there are new roads, or that the information in the GPS is inaccurate. This corrector would serve to ameliorate these problems. It will allow either a "live" or deferred update in order to correct inaccuracies, based on device and connectivity parameters.

To implement this corrector, the user will enter the destination or address into their GPS. The corrector acts as an add on application to the GPS, and will show on the GPS as an extra option entitled "update". If the user comes across a road that is closed, no longer in existence, or there is a new road that is in existence, the user will go and click on the "update". At this juncture, the user will input the error and the correction. From there the "new" information will be automatically e-mailed to the GPS service provider. From there, the service provider will automatically update the information. Not only will t...