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Reconfirm credentials on change of voice and/or facial input. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201146D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Nov-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Nov-09
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Computers are becoming more aware of the person using the computer. The computer can recognize your voice using a microphone and processing and/or your face using a camera and processing. Each person has different rights and policies on the personal computer, the network, the data either remotely or local, etc. This article will define a method to change security credentials when a user changes while the system is still logged on.

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Lenovo Disclosure Number: 820100273






Once a user logs on to a system with his/her credentials it does not change.  Therefore there is a security/privacy risk that a user can leave a system unattended without logging out and a second user can then use the system with the first users’ credentials.   Current voice and facial recognition solutions can detect if there is a new different voice and/or face.  This state indicates the user has changed and the system will automatically challenge and/or change the rights and policies.   The system could test the new user against a known set of users and if found implement that users policies and rights.  If not found the system will challenge the user to enter credentials that can be tested against a database.  If found the current user policies and rights can be established.  The advantage of our invention is we ensure a new user can’t use the system with previous user’s credentials even if the user leaves the system without logging off.