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System to preview applications and shortcuts on mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201319D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-10
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Disclosed is a method to assist users in determining whether their tablet or other mobile device is launching the desired application when they click on an icon. The method entails capturing the starting image of an application and the image of the running application and presenting them to the user in order to improve usability of the desktop shortcuts.

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System to preview applications and shortcuts on mobile devices

Often when working with applications on a tablet or mobile device, it is convenient to launch the applications from a shortcut. When launching an application from a shortcut, it is difficult for the user to capture enough details about an application to know whether the correct application is launched. A stored image from the application, rather than a nondescript icon, would improve usability.

The disclosed invention is a method to capture the starting image of an application, capture the images of the running application, and present these images as an active element to improve usability.

The process of the method follows:
1. User mouses-over an application shortcut/icon
2. System captures the name/unique identifier
3. System looks up the name/unique identifier and finds the set of images or a keyframe video

4. System presents the keyframe or image in an overlay or within the active shortcut's area
5. User determines the active icon is the proper application
6. User double-clicks on the shortcut
7. System stops the keyframe
8. System captures the current screen
9. System launches the application
10. System detects the User Interface is changed from the current screen
11. System captures the startup/splash screen
12. System captures the intermediary frames (e.g., in a binary expansion method)
a. 1 - second
b. 2 - second
c. 4 - second
d. 8 - second
13. System stores images in a local icon cache, or as a Graphic...